World War Z Postponed

The eagerly-anticipated “World War Z” will now debut in June, 2013 instead of Christmas, 2012. The Paramount-distributed film, which stars Brad Pitt, has yet to release a trailer

2011 Halloween Book Festival Has Eerie Winner

We’re all jacked up for the HBF

HOLLYWOOD, Ca. (October 13, 2011) _ The 2011 Halloween Book Festival named <b>Mike Howlett’s “The Weird World of Eerie Publications: Comic Gore That Warped Millions of Young Minds”</b> (published by <b>Feral House</b>) as the grand prize winner of its annual competition.

 Eerie Publications’ horror magazines brought blood and bad taste toAmerica’s newsstands from 1965 through 1975. Ultra-gory covers and bottom-of-the-barrel production values lent an air of danger to every issue, daring you to look at (and purchase) them.

The crazy characters who put out the issues and the influence the lowbrow abominations had on a generation of artists is perfectly captured in this haunted house coffee-table classic.  ( for other winners in the competition.

Rihanna Saves the Earth

Better than a shoe...

Rihanna Battleship Clip

Okay, so Taylor Kitsch had a bad weekend at the “John Carter” box office.  Maybe this, the third clip from Universal’s upcoming “Battleship” (set for May release), will help.  Aliens, Rihanna and Brooklyn Decker are a powerful reason…


2012 Aliens to Zombies is Alive!

Meet me at the revenge of A to Z...

The 2012 Aliens to Zombies Convention will be held on October 25-27, 2012 in Los Angeles.

We’ve got some big plans for the Revenge of AtoZ, and we hope you’ll be as excited about them as we are here at the AtoZ bunker!

2012 Highlights:

*** DIY Day, a special free how-to session for Southern California high schools;

*** The Aliens to Zombies Film Festival, featuring some of the underground’s best;

*** The Aliens to Zombies Games, featuring a showdown on some of the
top zombies first-person shooters

*** The 25th annual Monster-Makers Bash, Hollywood’s hottest FX costume party

More to be announced soon!